From time to time I hear comments about the money that people will have to pay through taxes to afford the host of refugees. Well, you should know that you have already paid for it. You should be complaining about how the system is missmanaging it, about how nobody is making it clear that the funding is already allocated, and about how the process to monitor where it is going and how it is used is deliberately dirty.

In the picture, Katsikas Hospitality Center. In this tribute to hypocrisy that we live in, they are giving these kind of names to the camps, stating that there are no camps in Greece, but sites. Well, there are camps and this is one of them. Nobody is living in this one since December 2016, but, unfortunately, it is not closed, just empty. This way they can keep on paying people for doing nothing in it and using public money to improve infrastructures that nobody is benefiting from and that, most likely, will have to be repaired if new incomers arrive to the camp. Good! More money to the friend in charge of first, building and mantaining, and then repairing it; or maybe it has been a family matter and it is someone's cousin the one who is filling in his wallet. It is not a surprise in a place that officially reported to be hosting 890 people during months, while the population was in between 500 and 240. Money going sonewhere for every service. Money for the pockets of the catering who served the food, for the ones assigning the contract to them, for the civil servants in the chain which must blindsee this is happening, for the politicians that lobby everyday for this to keep on happening while you read, and who knows for who else... Maybe for somebody in UNHCR who was blessing the operation, who was aware of the whole game, never reported the situation and kept on paying the "site manager"and using his population figures at the official meetings?

So, to these people who complain about the money that refugees is costing them, I want to say: don't worry, it is just peanuts. Most of your money is in European hands, being stolen by the politicians that you are voting for.

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