I am 22 years old and have fled the war in Syria

And I left becuse i don't want to join any military movement

I was studying and working before the war and we were stationed in Syria without any problems.

In 2014, i left Syria to Turkey  I worked and left my studies in Syria and I helped  my family.

After a year became a difficult life in Turkey. So I started to save some money to go to Europe because I want to  complete my studies and try to create a better future.

After many times trying to cross I arrived to Greece and now its been a year.

There I applied for asylum in Greece. I got refused in Greece the reason is that Turkey is a safe country and I Appeal and got rejected and I Appeal again and got rejected and  deported to Turkey and I ran most of the time from the police for deportation.

So far, I have not found any way to ensure that I do not return to Turkey.

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