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What do we demand?

"We are #SickOfWaiting.

We demand the full compliance on time of the relocation and resettlement commitments assumed by the European Council in 2015.

We demand that the full refugee status and the permanent residency permit is extended to the relocated and resettled refugees in all EU countries. We also demand to enlarge the number of people who can benefit from the resettlement scheme in Europe, as it is currently the only legal path for those who cannot apply for family reunification to arrive in Europe from anywhere in the planet without risking their lives in the way.

We demand to speed up the management of family reunification processes up to a maximum of three months since the first application, and the extension of the family unit concept to first-degree ascendants in the direct line (father and mother of the foreign national), unmarried children above the age of majority, and unmarried partners.

We demand that, together with the host and social integration policies for refugees, other policies aiming to solve the causes of the conflicts are also developed and enforced, as well as the fulfillment of Official Aid for Development commitments, the reduction of military expenses and the setup of actions to ensure peace.
We must transform the challenge into opportunity: we must activate host and integration policies which fight the xenophobic speeches and support the generation of a culture of solidarity and fellowship among all the peoples on Earth".